• General admission is $9.00 per film.
  • A ten-ticket Director's Pass is available for $70.00 ($90.00 value).
  • There are a limited number of tickets available for each film.
    • Series 1 is available October 2 - 6
    • Series 2 is available October 7 - 11
  • Our films are geographically restricted: they only available to viewers in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.
  • Filmfest DC is using the Eventive virtual platform for all film screenings.

To purchase tickets please follow this easy step-by-step guide:

  1. Browse our films.
  2. When you find the film you want to view, select the blue "$9.00 - Buy Ticket" button. You will be led to Eventive, our streaming platform.
  3. On the Eventive page, select the purple "Buy Ticket" button at the center of the video.
  4. If applicable, click "Have a discount code?" to enter your discount code. Sign up for a free account or continue with Facebook to sign in.
  5. Enter payment method. Click "Add payment method."
  6. If you are pre-ordering your tickets, you will select the "Pre-order now" button. When the film is available to view (during its availability dates), you will receive an email reminder with a link to watch the film. If you are making the purchase during the film's availability dates, you will select "Buy Ticket" and click the purple "Watch now" button at the center of the video to begin watching the film.

After purchasing the film, you will have until the end of the film's availability date to begin watching the film before the link expires (October 6 for Section 1 films and October 11 for Section 2 films). Once you begin watching, you will have 24 hours to finish the film.

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Geographic Restrictions

If you live outside of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, you will not be able to access them.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available up to 48 hours in advance of your film's availability start date (by September 30 for Section 1 films and by October 5 for Section 2 films). No refund will be issued with less than 48 hours notice.

No refunds will be issued if you miss your screening.
No full or partial refunds will be issued for Director's Passes.


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