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Cold Sweat

Iran, 2018
88 minutes, Color
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As the Iranian national women's futsal (indoor soccer) team gets ready to board a plane to compete in the Asia Cup in Malaysia, team captain Afrooz is stunned to learn that she cannot go because Yasser, her husband, has refused to give permission for her to leave the country. Her teammates are upset because Afrooz is not only the captain but also the star and heart of the team. Thus begins fiery Afrooz's tense and frustrating attempt to make it out in time. Afrooz uses every argument in front of a judge, but no amount of logic or appeals to patriotism change Yasser's mind. "I don't need a reason," he says, and he's right; the law is on his side. This timely, riveting story lays bare Iran's patriarchal legal system and the bitter struggle that women face to change it. —Miguel Pend├ís

In Persian with English subtitles

Saturday, April 27
3:30 PM
Saturday, May 4
8:30 PM

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