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200 Meters
Ameen Nayfeh - Palestine, Jordan - 96 mins

The family at the center of Ameen Nayfeh's debut feature experiences the personal dimension of the Israeli-Palestinian divide as both metaphor and reality. From the West Bank home where he sleeps, Mustafa (Ali Suliman) can see across the 200 meters to the apartment in Israel where his wife, Salwa (Lana Zreik), lives with their three children. They wink goodnight by flashing porch lights. ... more

Yukiko Sode - Japan - 124 mins

This layered examination of Japan's class system focuses on two women from different backgrounds who must deal with the many expectations society demands of them. Hanako (Mugi Kadowaki) is the sheltered daughter of a well-to-do doctor. Her fiancé just broke up with her and, at 27, this is problematic. In contrast, country girl Miki (Kiko Mizuhara) worked hard to get into an exclusive college, ... more

Tracey Deer - Canada, USA - 92 mins

Tekahentahkhwa is known as Beans within the Mohawk reserve in Oka, Quebec, where she is a tween in the summer of 1990. For Beans, coming of age means encountering indignities her family has so far protected her from. To harden her heart, she falls in with a rough crowd in a very rough season for her people. In the film, Beans is played winningly by Kiawentiio Tarbell, but Mohawk director ... more

The Best Years
Gabriele Muccino - Italy - 134 mins

Internationally acclaimed director Gabriele Muccino's filmmaking prowess is confirmed in this exhilarating saga of friendship. The Best Years explores the cycle of life and relationships spanning more than 40 years against the backdrop of contemporary Italian history seen through the eyes of three childhood friends and the girl they all fall in love with at one point in their lives. Giulio, ... more

Broken Keys
Jimmy Keyrouz - Lebanon - 110 mins

In a war-decimated Syrian village under the thumb of ISIS thugs, aspiring pianist Karim (Tarek Yaacoub) holds on to his dream of escaping to Europe to pursue life as a musician. To pay the smuggler, he'll need to sell his beloved piano. But Karim and his cousin live a perilous existence, sharing a bombed-out building with neighbors, some more sympathetic than others. Among the perils, music ... more

Captains of Zaatari
Ali El Arabi - Egypt - 73 mins

Like many young people around the world, best friends Fawzi and Mahmoud are obsessed with soccer. For the past several years, the teenagers have been stuck in Zaatari, the world's largest camp for Syrian refugees, located in Jordan. With uncertain legal status and an interrupted education, their prospects are limited. On the local soccer pitch, however, they can imagine a brighter future ... more

Agnieszka Holland - Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia - 118 mins

In this richly drawn portrait, celebrated Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland manifests the riveting life and work of Czech herbalist and faith healer Jan Mikolášek, who cured hundreds with natural remedies. Magnanimous with his abilities, he treated the poor and wealthy alike, never turning away a patient—including Nazis forces and the president of the country. Yet, it was this last relationship ... more

The Collini Case
Marco Kreuzpaintner - Germany - 123 mins

Fathers figure heavily in this film set in Berlin in 2001. A neophyte public defender, Leinen catches what becomes the case of the decade: the assassination-style killing of a prominent businessman. The defendant, Fabrizio Collini (Italian actor Franco Nero in a stunning performance), neither admits nor denies the crime: he won't speak. Moreover, the victim, Hans Meyer, is someone Leinen ... more

Dawn of War
Margus Paju - Estonia - 99 mins

The tensions across Europe just before World War II are finely captured by director Margus Paju in this clockwork thriller. In 1939, Estonia had only known independence for a relatively short time when it was caught between the hostile political machinations of Germany and the Soviet Union. When the head of Estonia's counter-Soviet intelligence unit is found dead, former spy Feliks (Priit ... more

Executive Order
Lázaro Ramos - Brazil - 94 mins

This sci-fi drama is set in a dystopian near future in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Young lawyer Antônio sues the Brazilian government for reparations for all descendants of African slaves in the country. The authoritarian government responds by signing an executive order that banishes all black citizens from Brazil, creating chaos and protest. Citizens are categorized by their skin color, hunted, ... more

The First 54 Years: an Abbreviated Manual for Military Occupation
Avi Mograbi - France, Finland, Israel, Germany - 110 mins

You say you want an Occupation? Well, you know...Avi Mograbi's documentary is a step-by-step how-to, with the Israeli Occupation of Gaza and the West Bank in the years since the 1967 War serving as a convenient example. The famously challenging director (Avenge But One of My Two Eyes) made his latest film in collaboration with the Breaking the Silence project, which for years has offered ... more

Gaza mon amour
Tarzan Nasser, Arab Nasser - Palestine, France - 87 mins

Issa (Salim Daw), stoic and settled into bachelor living, carries a secret torch for Siham (Hiam Abbass). While fishing one night, Issa brings in an unexpected haul. Instead of the usual fish, his net emerges from the Mediterranean with an anatomically correct statue of Apollo in an excited state. Under the cover of darkness, Issa takes the statue home. When a certain protruding part is broken ... more

For decades Washington D.C. has stood as a beacon for black culture and community, yet a wave of gentrification threatens this history. Filmmaker Samuel George dives into this rich tapestry as well as the economic and cultural gentrification that stand to mute it. George documents the intersection of go-go music, the hypnotizing sound of D.C., and the protests over racial justice that proliferated ... more

Antti Jokinen - Finland - 121 mins

Helene Schjerfbeck was one of Finland's most renowned painters, whose long life straddled the mid-nineteenth and twentieth centuries and whose work ranged from strikingly detailed realistic portraiture to brash, emotionally charged modernist landscapes. Portrayed with stoic grace by Laura Birn, Helene confronts her place in a changing world and in the heart of young amateur painter Einar ... more

Human Factors
Ronny Trocker - Germany, Italy, Denmark - 102 mins

To escape mounting tensions at the advertising agency they co-own, French-German couple Nina and Jan whisk their kids, Max and Emma, away to their seaside vacation home. The couple has signed a new politically charged client, forcing them to confront their clashing priorities. What's meant to be an idyllic off-season retreat turns sinister when burglars tear through the house, unseen by anyone ... more

In Balanchine's Classroom
Connie Hochman - USA - 89 mins

A film for anyone who loves ballet and the creative process, In Balanchine's Classroom takes us back to the glory years of Balanchine's New York City Ballet through the recollections of his former dancers and their quest to fulfill the vision of a genius. Opening the door to his studio, Balanchine's private laboratory, they reveal new facets of the groundbreaking choreographer: taskmaster, ... more

Juan Pablo Félix - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Norway, Bolivia, France - 97 mins

With a glorious mane of hair and a talent for the dazzling footsteps of malambo, teenaged Cabra wants to be a professional dancer. Living with his mother and her stern boyfriend in a border town slum, Cabra escapes into the world of dance, pummeling the floor and practicing with a vigor and passion in anticipation of a major competition on the horizon. However, when his ex-convict father ... more

Liam White
Harold Jackson III - USA - 86 mins

In critically acclaimed filmmaker Harold Jackson III's insightful character piece void of Hollywood melodramatics, novelist Liam White's career has peaked—to put it kindly. Uninspired and burnt-out, the titular character loses his will to finish his next novel and even shirks his public appearance commitments. To top it all off, Liam is told by his oncologist that his cancer has returned. ... more

Love Affair(s)
Emmanuel Mouret - France - 122 mins

Women, beware the male novelist who wants to write about "feelings"—that is, if you want to remain faithful to your current partner. That's the dilemma we sense in store for Daphne (Camélia Jordana), three months pregnant and assigned to show said aspiring writer, her mate's visiting city cousin, Maxime (Niels Schneider), around Provence. They pass the time analyzing current and past ... more

Love Type D
Sasha Collington - UK - 96 mins

Ever felt that your love life was doomed, that you're somehow unfairly destined to relive the same cycle of brief romances and brutal break-ups? If you've ever wondered why you can't hold a relationship down, then Love Type D might have the answer. In Sasha Collington's genre-defying debut, Frankie Browne tests positive for the Type D gene, a genetic defect that condemns her to a life of ... more

Alex Camilleri - Malta - 94 mins

Jesmark, a Maltese fisherman, contends with a newfound leak in his wooden luzzu boat. Barely getting by, he sees his livelihood—and a family tradition from generations before him—imperiled by diminishing harvests, a ruthless fishing industry, and a stagnating ecosystem. Desperate to provide for his wife and their newborn son, who has a growth impediment that requires treatment, Jesmark gradually ... more

Manzanar, Diverted: When Water Becomes Dust
Ann Kaneko - USA - 77 mins

Manzanar, in California's dry, windblown Owens Valley, was once "the place where water always flows": Native Americans called its creeks and lush lands home for thousands of years until the 1860s, when the Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone were forced from the area to reservations. The water the valley depended on was then systematically extracted to support the lawns, fountains, and ever-growing ... more

The Marriage Escape
Johan Nijenhuis - Netherlands - 103 mins

When is love simply too much? The Marriage Escape is an entertaining blend of comedy and drama about an oppressed husband who comes up with an ingenious way to escape his stifling marriage. For 35 years Jan has been married to Gedda, who loves her husband so much that she smothers him. She picks out his clothing, his friends, his vacations, and all their other activities. Before he can grab ... more

various - USA - 99 mins

The fourth edition of our popular program of films from the vibrant, creative community of filmmakers in DC and the immediate Metro area: BLAHC: The Brookland Literary & Hunting Club, Super Bella, Landfill, Boxing Day, Tikkun Olam, Our Alexandria, Between the Lines: Liz at Large, and Oversight.... more

One Careful Owner
Bernabe Rico - Spain - 94 mins

A comedy set in Seville pits two selfish women of different generations against each other in that city's overheated housing market. As she nears the end of her life, Lola Cruz (veteran actress Kiti Mánver, familiar to Pedro Almódovar fans) negotiates the sale of her apartment to a buyer willing to wait to take possession until Lola passes. The buyer, Sara Palacios (Juana Acosta), being a ... more

Persona Non Grata
Lisa Jespersen - Denmark - 91 mins

Persona Non Grata is a humorous drama about Laura, who distanced herself from her rural family and moved to Copenhagen, where she enjoys a bohemian lifestyle. She gained notoriety from her book chronicling her miserable youth in the countryside. When Laura must return to her childhood home to participate in her brother's wedding, she learns to her dismay that her brother is about to marry ... more

Red Soil
Farid Bentoumi - France - 90 mins

Portraying a nurse named Nour, César-winner Zita Hanrot (Fatima) delivers an extraordinary performance at the unflinching eye of this environmental thriller's storm. When Nour is put on probation after a fatal accident in the emergency room, she takes charge of the infirmary of the chemical factory where her father (Sami Bouajila, César-winner for André Téchiné's The Witnesses) has worked ... more

Rosa's Wedding
Iciar Bollain - Spain - 97 mins

A busy backstage costume seamstress who is always on call, Rosa, at almost 45, is also the thread that holds the fabric of her loving but hapless family together. Rosa believes her dreams—including reopening her late mother's long-shuttered dressmaking shop—will only be realized if she makes a commitment to herself. To that end, she invites her siblings and aging father to an ... more

Short Stories 1
various - Argentina, USA, Norway, Iran, Mexico - 93 mins

A kaleidoscopic lens on our world today and life in these times: The Little Beach, Doublespeak, The Affected, Sky Sun, Tile Sun, The Longest Dream I Remember, This Is the Way We Rise, We Travel, and Monument... more

Short Stories 2
various - South Korea, USA, Brazil, Iran, Canada - 79 mins

A kaleidoscopic lens on our world today and life in these times: KKUM, Last Summer on Bainbridge Street, Former Sinners of the Future, Unliveable, Radical Care: The Auntie Sewing Squad, Inner Self, and The Fourfold.... more

Skies of Lebanon
Chloé Mazlo - France - 90 mins

Beirut was once considered the Paris of the Middle East, and it is to this sophisticated but welcoming urban oasis that a young rural Swiss woman, Alice (Alba Rohrwacher), escapes in the 1950s. Alice falls in love with an eccentric astronomer, Joseph (Wajdi Mouawad), and marries him (and his extended family). Life is blissful disorder until interrupted, in the 1970s, by the small matter of ... more

Danny Lyon - USA - 75 mins

The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was the only national civil rights organization led by young people. Founded in 1960, SNCC members worked with community leaders throughout the South to help secure voting rights and to eradicate laws enforcing segregation. Its influence continued in subsequent years through an emphasis on black culture and political leadership. This new ... more

A Tale of Three Chinatowns
Lisa Mao - USA - 92 mins

In 2015, The Washington Post reported that the population of Chinese Americans in Washington, D.C.'s Chinatown had shrunk from a high of 3,000 to about 300—half of whom are now fighting to be able to stay. This illuminating debut by D.C.-based filmmaker Lisa Mao profiles Chinatowns in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Boston and features the voices of residents, community activists, developers, ... more

That Was Life
David Martin de los Santos - Spain - 107 mins

The first fiction feature by documentarist David Martín de los Santos is a coming-of-age tale about a woman in her seventies. The great Petra Martínez fills the screen with her presence. At age 76, she commands our attention and our curiosity as María, a Spanish woman living in Belgium with her taciturn husband in a nest long since emptied. When a heart attack sends her to the hospital, she ... more

There is No Evil
Mohammad Rasoulof - Iran - 151 mins

In life, we are all called upon to make ethical decisions. In Iran, if you are a man—a military conscript, or even a certain functionary—you might be called upon to execute a fellow citizen convicted of some crime or another. Refusing to "pull out the chair," as it is described, will render you an exile in your own country. Mohammad Rasoulof's searing new film tells of four men ... more

Thou Shalt Not Hate
Mauro Mancini - Italy - 96 mins

As a child in the mountainous northeastern region of Italy, Simone Segre was tutored in the harsh pragmatism of his Holocaust-survivor father that sometimes you must do what you don't want to do. As an adult, and a surgeon, Simone (Alessandro Gassmann) is called upon to save the life of a neo-Nazi. His decision enmeshes him with the man's family, their inherited beliefs, and their financial ... more

What You Don’t Know About Me
Rolando Colla - Switzerland, Italy - 117 mins

With poetic elegance and haunting intimacy, Zurich-based director Rolando Colla tells a tale of dignity, trust, innocence, and today's social complexities. Ikendu is forced to flee from Mali via Libya and Italy to Bellinzona in Switzerland. Patricia lives in Bellinzona with her two daughters, whose absent fathers have moved on. Both Ikendu and Patricia are outsiders. He is looking for freedom ... more

Women Is Losers
Lissette Feliciano - USA - 85 mins

In San Francisco's Mission District in the late 1960s, a bright Catholic school student, Celina Guerrera (Lorenza Izzo), faces long odds against realizing her potential: a volatile father, a mother who can't protect her, a boyfriend back from Vietnam and pressuring her to have sex ("you don't get pregnant the first time"), and a culture telling her that girls can't amount to anything, or ... more

Writing with Fire
Rintu Thomas, Sushmit Ghosh - India - 93 mins

India is a dangerous place for journalists. For female journalists, the threat is greater, and for marginalized Dalit women journalists, greater still. Nevertheless, Khabar Lahariya (Waves of News) persists. Operating out of Uttar Pradesh and run by Dalit women, with only mobile phones for recording, the newspaper-turned-YouTube-channel has garnered more than 150 million followers. Bureau ... more

You Will Remember Me
Eric Tessier - Canada - 106 mins

Eric Tessier's wise and warmhearted comedy-drama is based on a play by François Archambault that embraces sympathy and frustration in equal measure. Édouard, a public figure and retired history teacher, is slowly starting to lose his memory. Accustomed to speaking out and taking a stand on all topics, he must make himself more discreet, even if he believes he still has a lot to say. Since ... more

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