Total running time: 91 minutes

MetroShorts Q&A with Juliet Burch

with director Sam Hampton (12 Ingredients Over The Generations), director Catherine Murphy, editor Emmitt Williams (They Say I'm Your Teacher), and director Mohhamed Saffouri (The First)

with director Dewey Ortiz Jr (The Runaways), director Mark Hoelscher (The Light In Provence), and director Julia Hoppock (Alex's Biggest Race)

with director Keith Lane (Dispatches from Vietnam)

12 Ingredients Over the Generations

Sam Hampton
USA, 2019, 13 minutes, documentary
Filmmaker Sam Hampton bakes a sweet potato pie with his daughter and reflects on family ties bound by a recipe passed down through the generations.

Alex's Biggest Race

Julia Hoppock
USA, 2019, 14 minutes, documentary
In the wake of a brain cancer diagnosis, Alex Klose reunites his high school swim relay team to prepare for his biggest race yet.

They Say I'm Your Teacher

Catherine Murphy
USA, 2019, 9 minutes, documentary
In the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, Bernice Robinson, a beautician from South Carolina, becomes the first teacher in the Citizen Education Schools, teaching African American adults to read to pass the voter registration requirements in the South. For both students and teacher, the classroom becomes a path to understanding that engagement in the issues that affect their lives is a key step toward changing the system. Created from the 16mm archives of the groundbreaking 1985 film, "You Got To Move," this documentary short from The Literacy Project serves as a timely reminder of the powerful connection between learning and the fight for social justice.

The Runaways

Dewey Ortiz, Jr.
USA, 2019, 22 minutes, narrative
After a childhood of abuse and neglect, Kellee attempts to run away with her boyfriend James. But she quickly learns that the only path to a better life is through a ring of fire.

Dispatches from the Vietnam War - Beer, Bunkers and Typewriters

Keith Lane
USA, 2019, 4 minutes, animation
A Vietnam vet reflects on his past as a young man navigating the paradoxes of conflict at a pivotal time.
English closed captions available

The Light in Provence

Mark Williams Hoelscher
USA, 2019, 16 minutes, documentary
Scientists explore an unlikely connection between climate and the world-renowned artworks of the Impressionists, reframing the divisive issue of climate change as a cultural emergency.

The First

Mohammed Saffouri
USA, 2019, 14 minutes, documentary
A young Muslim American woman runs for a school board seat in Fairfax County, Virginia. The obstacles she faces during her campaign as a person of faith and a person of color strengthen her determination to act as a voice of empowerment for an increasingly diverse community.

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