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Lunafest: Short Films For, By, About Women

Total Running Time: 79, digital, official site

This season's program of nine selected films will compel discussion, make you laugh, tug at your heartstrings and motivate you to make a difference in your community. Incredibly diverse in style and content, LUNAFEST is united by a common thread of exceptional storytelling - by, for and about women.

Please Note: Films are not formally rated, however, some content is not appropriate for children. We recommend that viewers be age 16+.

Complimentary reception between the two screenings, from 3:45 to 5:00 PM

Another Kind of Girl

Khaldiya Jibawi
Jordan, 10 minutes
A 17-year-old girl meditates on how her refugee camp has opened up new horizons and given her a sense of courage that she lacked in Syria.
In Person: Producer Laura Doggett

Family Tale

Dr. Patricia Beckmann-Wells
USA, 8 minutes
Through love, loss, and determination, the definition of family is rewritten.

Free to Laugh

Lara Everly
USA, 8 minutes
A documentary that explores the power of comedy after prison.

Join the Club

Eva Vives
USA, 5 minutes
A writer's dilemma of whether or not to join a networking club unfolds during one therapy session.


Diane Weipert
USA, 13 minutes
A story that looks at the bitter irony many nannies face: raising the children of strangers for a living while their own children are virtually...

Nkosi Coiffure

Frederike Migom
Belgium, 15 minutes
After a fight with her boyfriend in the street, a woman escapes into a hair salon in Brussels.


Joey Ally
USA, 6 minutes
Professional and life partners must confront how intertwined their lives have become.

The Honeys and the Bears

Veena Rao
USA, 4 minutes
Members of a synchronized swim team for seniors describe the freedom of the water.

The Third Dad

Theresa Moerman Ib
Scotland, 10 minutes
Ten years after breaking all ties with her father, a daughter sets out to find his grave - and redemption.

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