Three Summers

Três Verões

Brazil, France, 2019
94 minutes, Color
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If the working class and the ruling class changed positions, would the workers be just as resourceful? Are the rich in control only because of their money? In this blend of drama, comedy, and political commentary, veteran comic actress Regina Casé (Me You Them, Moon Over Parador) provides an answer as Madá, the housekeeper-in-chief for a wealthy family's luxurious beach home in Copacabana. Madá is saving up for her dream of owning a roadside food stand. When the head of the family, the kindly Edgar, is jailed in a government crackdown, we learn that his wealth has come as the unsavory result of cheating, stealing, bribery, and you-name-it. The family is paralyzed, and the servants can no longer be paid. Madá, however, doesn't skip a beat. She is soon selling household goods to pay everyone's salary, giving tours on the family yacht, and renting rooms on Airbnb.—Miguel Pendás

In Brazilian Portuguese with English subtitles

Friday, October 2 - Tuesday, October 6
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