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More Than Blue

Taiwan, 2018
107 minutes, Color
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It seemed like fate when isolated student Zhang Zhe-kai met a rebellious girl named Song Yuan-yuan. These two lonely high school classmates become inseparably close when they both lose their families. Song names Zhang "K" and decides to call herself "Cream." The two students live together, go to college together, and eventually get jobs together at the same record company. Things come to a standstill when K is unexpectedly diagnosed with leukemia. He becomes concerned about Cream and preoccupied with ensuring her happiness by helping her find love before his time runs out. Little does he realize she may have already found it. This glossy remake of a 2009 Korean film of the same name proves to be a real tearjerker thanks to the performances of actors Jasper Liu and Ivy Yi-Han Chen, who really sell the story of fidelity and timeless love. —Osaka Asian Film Festival

In Mandarin with English subtitles

Saturday, April 27
4:00 PM
Wednesday, May 1
8:00 PM

Taiwan Ministry of Culture

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