Banksy Most Wanted

France, 2020
90 minutes, Color
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Banksy is the Robin Hood of the art world (if Robin Hood had an agent), stenciling politically poignant, deceptively charming pictures illegally in public spaces in broad daylight but always unseen in action. Best known for The Flower Thrower, which appeared in Gaza as a gift of solidarity; Girl with a Balloon, which mysteriously shredded on its purchase at auction; and his ambitious Dismaland theme park, Banksy embodies the contradictions of being famous for being anonymous, accessible for being inaccessible. This documentary comes with unabashed villains (collectors who kidnap Banksy works by extracting the walls they appear on) and unassuming heroes (townsfolk who demand in one voice, "Return our Banksy!" and get the artwork back). There is no shortage of journalists and even criminologists plying their investigative skills to uncover the identity of the beloved bandit from Bristol, but really—do we have to know?—Judy Bloch

In English and French with English subtitles

Friday, October 2 - Tuesday, October 6
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Q&A with co-director Seamus Haley, interviewed by Philippa Hughes

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