Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Norway, Bolivia, France, 2020
97 minutes, Color
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With a glorious mane of hair and a talent for the dazzling footsteps of malambo, teenaged Cabra wants to be a professional dancer. Living with his mother and her stern boyfriend in a border town slum, Cabra escapes into the world of dance, pummeling the floor and practicing with a vigor and passion in anticipation of a major competition on the horizon. However, when his ex-convict father is released from jail and starts stirring up trouble again, a complex triangle of familial wounds overtakes the narrative, morphing Karnawal from a rhythmic portrait of dance into a powerfully realized exploration of the inescapable blood ties that bind us. Capturing the rich regional texture of the northern border of Argentina, the film is a display of athletic prowess, vibrant South American culture, and an ensemble firing on all cylinders—delivering a bold and dynamic coming-of-age dance drama.—Cleveland International Film Festival

The film won the Ibero-America Award at the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

In Spanish with English subtitles

Friday, June 4 - Tuesday, June 8
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