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This has been a tough year. Non-profit arts organizations like Filmfest DC were hit by huge financial challenges, which means the artists we support have also had to struggle.

The international cinema we bring to Washington gives exposure and provides resources to filmmakers working outside the Hollywood system.

Movie theaters are closed and the limits of streaming platforms mean the exciting work of independent filmmakers is often overlooked.

Despite the pandemic, this year we were able to mount two virtual programs, Filmfest DC at Home in the spring, a series of past festival hits for our sheltering audience, and Filmfest DC 2020 in the fall, a full festival of over 50 new films. This is what we do!

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Welcome to Filmfest DC
October 2 - 11, 2020

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Please see Filmfest DC's 2020 award winners, film directors' interviews, and official trailers below.

And the 2020 Filmfest DC Awards Went To...

Audience Award:
Feature Film

A Son (Tunisia, France, Lebanon) directed by Mehdi M. Barsaoui

Audience Award:

Máxima (Peru) directed by Claudia Sparrow

Circle Award

Our Lady of the Nile (France, Belgium, Rwanda) directed by Atiq Rahimi.

Special Recognition

1982 (Lebanon, USA) directed by Oualid Mouaness.

Justice Matters Award

La Llorona (Guatemala) directed by Jayro Bustamante.

Special Recognition

Pureza (Brazil) directed by Renato Barbieri.

Signis Awards

1982 (Lebanon) directed by Oualid Mouaness

Special Commendation

Yalda: A Night For Forgiveness (Iran) directed by Massoud Bakhshi

Shorts Award

A Mother (USA) directed by Natasha K. Ngaiza

Special Commendation

Acuitzeramo (USA, Mexico) directed by Miguel Ángel Caballero

Meet Our Special Guests

Q&A with Oualid Mouaness, director of 1982, interviewed by Herbert Niles

Q&A with Seamus Haley, co-director of Banksy Most Wanted, interviewed by Philippa Hughes

Q&A with Najwa Najjar, director of Between Heaven and Earth, interviewed by Mohamed K. Mohamed and Shirin Ghareeb

Q&A with Jessica Boykin-Settles, Jazz vocalist & educator: Billie, interviewed by Rusty Hassan

Q&A with Rubaiyat Hossain, director of Made in Bangladesh, interviewed by Manjula Kumar

Q&A with Claudia Sparrow, director of Máxima, interviewed by Linda Blackaby

Q&A with Grégory Magne, director of Perfumes, interviewed by Tony Gittens

Introduction by Renato Barbieri, director of Pureza

Q&A with Cheryl J. Crim, director of Resisterhood, Mimi Hassanein, and Joanna Lohman, interviewed by Linda Blackaby

Q&A with Marco Della Fonte, director of A Soul Journey, interviewed by Emanuele Amondola

MetroShorts Q&A - Part 1 with director Sam Hampton (12 Ingredients Over The Generations), director Catherine Murphy, editor Emmitt Williams (They Say I'm Your Teacher), and director Mohhamed Saffouri (The First). Interviewed by Juliet Burch

MetroShorts Q&A - Part 2 with director Dewey Ortiz Jr (The Runaways), director Mark Hoelscher (The Light In Provence), and director Julia Hoppock (Alex's Biggest Race). Interviewed by Juliet Burch

MetroShorts Q&A - Part 3 with director Keith Lane (Dispatches from Vietnam). Interviewed by Juliet Burch

Short Cuts Q&A - Part 1 with director Lourdes Portillo (State of Grace), director Miguel Angel Caballero, and actor/EP Luis Aldana (Acuitzeramo). Interviewed by Juliet Burch

Short Cuts Q&A - Part 2 with director Maya Albanese (Freeze), director Bridgit Moloney (Blocks), and director Natasha Ngaiza (A Mother). Interviewed by Juliet Burch

Short Cuts Q&A - Part 3 with director Nicole Ballivian (Joe & The Shawl). Interviewed by Juliet Burch

Short Cuts Q&A - Part 4 with director Stenzin Tankong (Sekool). Interviewed by Juliet Burch

Our 2020 Festival Trailers

By Faith McKane

By Nathan Ridings

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