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Tickets are now on sale. Advance tickets are available through until midnight the day before the show. No sales on the day of show. However tickets can be purchased at the theater starting one hour before the first show.

 Abd El Kader   Salem Brahimi - Algeria - 96 mins

A documentary that tells the story of Abd El Kader, a man larger than life, a warrior prince, philosopher and mystic. For many years, this Algerian national legend fought bravely for the freedom of his country against one of the most advanced armies in Europe. His fame as a freedom fighter and as the George Washington of Algeria led a ... more

Saturday, November 1 4:00 PM Goethe-Institut $12.00
Sunday, November 2 3:00 PM Goethe-Institut $12.00
 Certified Halal   Mahmoud Zemmouri - Algeria, France - 90 mins

They planned everything except losing the bride! In Southern Algeria, two processions collide at the tomb of the local mystic. Amidst confusion, two brides are switched… Kenza, a Parisian student kidnapped and drugged by her brother is to marry a chicken breeder. She’s mistaken for Sultana, who’s promised to a shepherd. With unexpected ... more

Friday, November 7 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sunday, November 9 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $17.00
 Challat of Tunis   Kaouther Ben Hania - Tunisia, France - 90 mins

A mockumentary, full of satire and irony, that will have you laughing and surprised at the same time. It is summer 2003 in Tunisia. A man on a moped lurks the streets of Tunis, with a razorblade in hand. Known as Challat, he is on a personal mission: to slash the most beautiful derrieres of women strolling along the city’s sidewalks. ... more

Saturday, November 1 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut $12.00
Sunday, November 2 5:00 PM Goethe-Institut $12.00
 Ghadi   Amin Dora - Lebanon - 100 mins

Leba (Georges Khabbaz), a music instructor, resides in a small neighborhood within a traditional Lebanese costal town, where he marries his childhood sweetheart, Lara. They are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Yara and Sarah, and they are overjoyed to learn that their third child, Ghadi, is a boy. Ghadi, turns out to be very special. ... more

Friday, November 7 8:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Saturday, November 8 8:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Giraffada   Rani Massalha - France, Germany, Italy, Palestine - 85 mins

Ziad (Ahmed Bayatra), a ten-year-old boy living in the West Bank, is so enamored of the two giraffes at the Qalqilya Zoo that he can communicate with them. Ziad enjoys helping his recently widowed father, Yacine (Saleh Bakri), a veterinarian who works hard to protect the zoo as a haven for animals and for the local children who play and ... more

Saturday, November 1 2:00 PM Goethe-Institut $12.00
Saturday, November 8 2:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 The Proof   Amor Hakkar - Algeria, France - 93 mins

Ali, a taxi driver in Algeria, is afraid. His wife, Houria, has two daughters by her deceased first husband, but their hopes for a baby of their own are fading. Secretly, Ali goes to another town to have his fertility tested—with the feared negative result. On his way back, Ali gives the pregnant Fatima a ride. Shortly after, the young ... more

Friday, November 7 6:30 PM Embassy of France $12.00
Sunday, November 9 2:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Rock the Casbah   Laila Marrakchi - France, Morocco - 100 mins

Winner of the Signis Award during Filmfest DC (2014) and back by popular demand! Set in a lavish villa in Tangier, Rock the Casbah unfolds over the three days of mourning by local custom, following the death of a major family patriarch, Moulay Hassan. The solemnity of the occasion is disrupted by the unexpected return of the ... more

Friday, November 7 8:45 PM Embassy of France $12.00
Saturday, November 8 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Sotto Voce   Kamal Kamal - Morocco, United Arab Emirates - 94 mins

In 1958, Algeria is still under French occupation. Hassan, a speech-language pathologist and lover of opera music, has formed a chorale made up of young deaf-mutes to whom he teaches vocalization. However the director of the medical establishment is abusive and the deaf-mutes kill him. To save them from the death penalty reserved for ... more

Saturday, November 1 8:30 PM Goethe-Institut $12.00
Saturday, November 8 4:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Villa 69   Ayten Amin - Egypt - 120 mins

Villa 69 is the place of residence of Hussein (Khaled Abol Naga), a stubborn and bad tempered old man. When his loyal housekeeper leaves for a few days to look after his father, Hussein finds his life turned upside down, especially after his sister Nadra (Lebleba) arrives to stay, bringing along her son, Seif, her maid, and driver in ... more

Sunday, November 2 7:00 PM Goethe-Institut $12.00
Sunday, November 9 4:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00