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Like Sheep Among Wolves

Come pecore in mezzo ai lupi

Italy, 2023
100 minutes, Color

A gutsy undercover police agent, Vera has infiltrated a dangerous Serbian crime syndicate in Rome's criminal underworld. To survive in such an unforgiving world, Vera is forced to present a tough, insensitive facade. All seems to be going as planned for a big upcoming heist, until she learns that her younger brother, Bruno, whom she hasn't seen in years, is also mixed up with the syndicate. Caught on opposite sides of the barricade, old wounds resurface as the siblings must make choices that seriously jeopardize their goals. Combining a hard-boiled crime thriller with a family drama, Lyda Patitucci's fierce, gripping feature debut is a story of revenge and redemption against the backdrop of a moody, dangerous city.—Seattle International Film Festival

In Italian with English subtitles

Saturday, April 20
8:50 PM
Saturday, April 27
8:30 PM

Italian Cultural Institute

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