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Thursday, April 26

Daughter of Mine
Laura Bispuri - Italy, Germany, Switzerland - 96 mins

6:00 PM

Ten-year-old Vittoria lives in a Sardinian village untouched by tourism. One day she meets the impetuous Angelica, who is completely different from her own caring mother, Tina. Vittoria does not suspect that the two women are connected by a secret. Tina has been visiting Angelica for a long time on the run-down farm where Angelica lives ... more

Sebastián Lelio - UK - 114 mins

Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams star in this adaptation of Naomi Alderman's novel about a woman who returns home to her orthodox Jewish community in London and rekindles a romance with her cousin's wife. Happily single and living a rich life as a photographer in New York, Ronit (Weisz) is very much the black sheep of her London-based ... more

The Foreigner's Home
Rian Brown-Orso, Geoff Pingree - USA - 56 mins

Toni Morrison has much to say about shipwreck Earth, and her words resonate throughout an exhibition she guest-curated at the Louvre in 2006. Morrison invited renowned artists to join her in a public conversation about "foreignness" that she had been pursuing for years. The black victims of Hurricane Katrina are equated to Arab and African ... more

The House by the Sea
Robert Guédiguian - France - 107 mins

A rambling house on the sparkling Bay of Marseille would seem an unlikely place for reliving trauma, but for three middle-aged siblings gathered at their father's deathbed, "the sea air brings out what is inside." Joseph, a permanently disgruntled veteran of a failed revolution; Armand, who runs the family's modest restaurant; and Angèle, ... more

Jasper Jones
Rachel Perkins - Australia - 105 mins

6:00 PM

Based on the beloved Australian novel of the same name, Jasper Jones is a coming-of-age tale infused with the social tensions of the late 1960s. Set in the bucolic western Australia countryside (gloriously captured by cinematographer Mark Wareham), the story follows bookish young Charlie Bucktin (Levi Miller), who is roused from bed one ... more

A Man of Integrity
Mohammad Rasoulof - Iran - 117 mins

Reza, an academic from Tehran, has moved to a village to farm goldfish and raise his child away from the rat race. His wife, Hadis, is head teacher at the local girls' high school. Reza's ponds are downstream from a major business operation run by "The Company"—the powerful concern whose minions control the town's government, police, ... more

The Summit
Santiago Mitre - Argentina, Spain, France - 144 mins

8:00 PM

Argentine president Hernán Blanco (Ricardo Darín, in a riveting performance) faces the most important meeting of his career, a summit of Latin American leaders at a posh snowbound resort in the Chilean Andes to form "the first multinational, state-owned company" to better compete with the hated US in the petroleum industry. Blanco is ... more

Tales of Mexico
Carlos Carrera, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Carlos Bolado, Ernesto Contreras, Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, Alejandro Valle - Mexico, Poland - 118 mins

This history of the residents of a glittering Belle Epoque home in Mexico City begins on the eve of the Mexican Revolution and ends in the present day. Told in eight chapters, the tales deftly move through ordinary lives in 100 years of despots and dictators, rebels and revolutionaries. The 1968 protests and the infamous Tlatelolco massacre, ... more

Black Kite
Tarique Qayumi - Afghanistan, Canada - 85 mins

The brutal rule of the Taliban still casts a pall over most Westerners' perception of Afghanistan. That Tarique Qayumi's new film masterfully recognizes a richer and vastly more complicated history is more than enough to strongly recommend it. Black Kite examines the impact of history on one family; specifically, how the family members ... more

On Borrowed Time
Yasir Al-Yasiri - United Arab Emirates - 97 mins

8:30 PM

Even with Dubai's towering Burj Khalifa dominating the skyline outside their windows, life in a retirement home isn't very exciting for the "Four Musketeers": ex-soldier Fares, upbeat astrologer Hasan, retired pharmacist Abdullah, and wheelchair-bound Hamad. This quartet of variously afflicted grumpy old men spend their days grumbling ... more

Outside In
Lynn Shelton - USA - 109 mins

In this new drama from Lynn Shelton, an intense bond forms between a woman in a troubled marriage (Edie Falco) and an ex-con (Jay Duplass) trying to readjust to life in his small town. After serving 20 years for a crime that spun out of his control, 38-year-old Chris (Duplass) is granted an early release thanks partly to the tireless ... more

Sergio & Sergei
Ernesto Daranas - Cuba, Spain - 93 mins

As cosmonaut Sergei is sent up to the MIR space station, the Soviet government collapses, and he seems to be forgotten in the tumult. It's 1991. Uncertainty also casts a shadow over Cuba, where Marxist college professor Sergio wonders what will happen now that the main bastion of the country's economy has fallen. Sergio is also a ham ... more