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Monday, April 23

Legendary musicians like James Brown got their ideas from the impressive, dramatic performances of African American gospel quartets that played in churches, on local radio stations, and later at concert halls starting in the 1930s. The music documentary How They Got Over about the evolution of these quartets illustrates how this often ... more

No, A Flamenco Tale
José Luis Tirado - Spain - 75 mins

6:00 PM

A beguiling fusion of thrilling cinema and passionate music, No, a Flamenco Tale sweeps us off to a land where the joys and hardships of life are expressed in breathtaking spectacle and song. Clapping hands, stamping feet, stirring singing, intricate guitar, and arresting dance: flamenco is a tradition of bold, soul-piercing gestures. ... more

Playing God
Karin Jurschick - Germany - 96 mins

6:00 PM

Unless you have been the survivor of a mass casualty incident like 9/11, the BP oil spill, Agent Orange, or the Central States pension plan battle, you probably don't know the name Kenneth R. Feinberg. If you have, you know it, and him, very well indeed. Feinberg was brought in by the Federal government on these and many other cases as ... more

Sergio & Sergei
Ernesto Daranas - Cuba, Spain - 93 mins

As cosmonaut Sergei is sent up to the MIR space station, the Soviet government collapses, and he seems to be forgotten in the tumult. It's 1991. Uncertainty also casts a shadow over Cuba, where Marxist college professor Sergio wonders what will happen now that the main bastion of the country's economy has fallen. Sergio is also a ham ... more

Sheikh Jackson
Amr Salama - Egypt - 93 mins

With gentle, quirky humor, Egypt's official entry in the Oscars© looks at a conservative young cleric, Khaled (Ahmad Alfishawy), and what happens when he begins to examine how he got to this respected but joyless place in life. Suddenly, nothing is sacred. The unlikely catalyst for his psychological dissection is the death of his ... more

Tulipani: Love, Honor and a Bicycle
Mike van Diem - Netherlands, Italy, Canada - 90 mins

7:45 PM

After losing his farm in the 1953 floods, Dutchman Gauke sets out on his bicycle with a basketful of tulip bulbs and lands in a small town named Puglia, where he puts down roots. His newfound Italian paradise, complete when the love of his life arrives with baby in tow, is spoiled by local racketeers who threaten the harmony of the tight-knit ... more

Green Days by the River
Michael Mooleedhar - Trinidad and Tobago - 102 mins

In this pastoral romance set in 1952 in the greenery of rural Trinidad (enhanced by a marvelously mellow soundtrack), innocent young love flows down meandering paths. Fifteen-year-old Shell's ailing father wants his son to succeed with his brains, not as a simple laborer from the backwoods. The boy is enchanted with Rosalie, the mixed-race ... more

Mama Africa: Miriam Makeba
Mika Kaurismäki - South Africa, Germany, Finland - 90 mins

For nearly half a century, Grammy-winning South African singer Miriam Makeba travelled the world with powerful songs of joy, love, and revolution that have resonated in the hearts of people across the world. Against the backdrop of Apartheid and international liberation movements, Makeba's melodies exposed the brutality and racism of ... more

Tales of Mexico
Carlos Carrera, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Carlos Bolado, Ernesto Contreras, Alfonso Pineda Ulloa, Alejandro Valle - Mexico, Poland - 118 mins

This history of the residents of a glittering Belle Epoque home in Mexico City begins on the eve of the Mexican Revolution and ends in the present day. Told in eight chapters, the tales deftly move through ordinary lives in 100 years of despots and dictators, rebels and revolutionaries. The 1968 protests and the infamous Tlatelolco massacre, ... more

Valeriy Todorovskiy - Russia - 132 mins

8:45 PM

"It's pure, absolute, complete beauty. I understood very well that behind this beauty there's not just work and incredible human sacrifice, but that there is a whole world. And I wanted to enter that world and tell a story about it," says director Valery Todorovsky (Hipsters, FFDC Opening Night 2008) about his new film. He describes the ... more