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 11.6   Philippe Godeau - France - 102 mins

A French heist film of uncommon intelligence and distinction, 11.6 is a measured retelling of what's known of a true story in which an armored car driver, Toni Musulin (The Intouchables' Francois Cluzet, here resembling a Gallic Dustin Hoffman), made off with $17 million dollars (11.6 million euros) in late 2009 without firing a shot. Many ... more

Sat, April 19 4:45 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Sun, April 20 2:45 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Act Zero   Goutam Ghose - India - 128 mins

Award-winning filmmaker Goutam Ghose ventures into an intense exploration of the intricate contradictions and multilayered, coexisting complex realities of the Indian landscape. The film's title alludes to the narrative countdown to its final scene as Act Zero zeros in on conveying Ghose's message of exposing the dichotomy of a country that aspires ... more

Sun, April 20 2:00 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Mon, April 21 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine   Connie Field - USA - 96 mins

In March 2011, a Christian gospel choir and American academic and playwright Dr. Clayborne Carson travelled to the Holy Land to tour the West Bank with a Palestinian production of a play about the too-short life and tumultuous times of pastor, activist, humanitarian, and civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. The resulting cultural exchange, creatively ... more

Tue, April 22 8:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Wed, April 23 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 The Bachelor Weekend   John Butler - Ireland - 94 mins

Not your average groom, Fionán (Hugh O'Conor) has little interest in a bachelor party; he would much rather stay home and make seating plans with his fiancée Ruth (Amy Huberman). When Fionán's micromanagement of the wedding begins to get out of hand, Ruth decides that he needs a nudge in the right direction.

Enlisting the help of best man Davin ... more

Sun, April 27 4:00 PM Lincoln Theatre $20.00
 Bad Hair   Mariana Rondon - Venezuela - 93 mins

Junior is a beautiful nine-year-old boy with gorgeous brown eyes, a petite frame, and a head of luxurious dark locks. His obsession is to straighten his curls and acquire a completely new look befitting his emerging fantasy image of himself as a long-haired singer. As his school picture day approaches, his desire turns into a fiery longing. Junior's mother, ... more

Fri, April 25 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 6:00 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Bajarí: Gypsy Barcelona   Eva Vila - Spain - 94 mins

A variety of colorful characters populate this foot-tapping documentary about the vibrant flamenco community in Barcelona. We encounter young Juanito, who dances joyously at every opportunity, and his uncle Juan "El Coco" Manzano, a noted gypsy singer. There's also Mercedes Amaya "La Winy" and her daughter Karime, who are niece and grand-niece, respectively, ... more

Sun, April 20 5:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Thu, April 24 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Belle   Amma Asante - UK - 105 mins

In late eighteenth century England, Dido Elizabeth Belle is born to a white British admiral and a black Caribbean slave. Although the admiral's wealthy family is appalled, custom dictates that they raise Dido as an aristocrat. Britain's imposing Lord Mansfield is both Dido's uncle and the family patriarch and demands that she respects both the law and the ... more

Wed, April 23 6:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 Beyond the Walls   Gayle Embrey - Argentina, Australia, El Salvador, Israel, Liberia, Palestine, Slovenia, USA, UK - 92 mins

As one of the artists in Gayle Embrey's globe-trotting documentary about community murals puts it, the public space is always political. So painting pictures on the sides of buildings is more than just simple decoration. Beyond the Walls profiles people who come together to express their stories and histories through art. As one community organizer ... more

Wed, April 23 8:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Fri, April 25 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Cairo Drive   Sherief ElKatsha - Egypt, USA - 77 mins

Any Washingtonian feeling overwhelmed by D.C.'s traffic woes needs to see this jaw-dropping documentary about the human cost of the barely controlled chaos that occurs every day and night on the roads of Cairo. The camera captures the city of 20 million people from all angles. We watch the staggering congestion from overhead, through the windshield, and ... more

Wed, April 23 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Thu, April 24 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 Le Chef   Daniel Cohen - France, Spain - 84 mins

In this delicious comedy about the behind-the-scenes antics in the food industry, Jean Reno plays veteran chef Alexandre Lagarde, who runs a three-star restaurant that carries his name. A new CEO wants to modernize and bring in a new menu, or chef. As Lagarde frets over his future, brash young cook Jacky (Michaël Youn) stumbles into his kitchen. Jacky has ... more

Sun, April 20 7:00 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Tue, April 22 6:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 Cold Eyes   Cho Ui-seok, Kim Byung-seo - South Korea - 119 mins

The Korean Police Force Special Crime Unit (SCU) tracks high-profile criminals using the most sophisticated surveillance technology, but the real work is accomplished by perseverance and perception. Young Ha Yoon-ju (Han Hyo-joo) wants to be one of the select few, and she seems to have the necessary skills—a photographic memory, for starters. But gruff ... more

Sun, April 20 3:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Mon, April 21 8:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 The Double   Richard Ayoade - UK - 93 mins

"You're in my place." So begins meek James's (Jesse Eisenberg) decline into a nightmare while commuting to work. James is referring to his usual seat on the subway, but it's a phrase with horrifying echoes. The man in his seat looks exactly like him: a double. When James arrives at work, he finds that this double has taken his job in the company. Regularly ... more

Tue, April 22 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Thu, April 24 6:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 Eden   Michael Hofmann - Germany, Switzerland - 93 mins

Eden was presented by Filmfest DC eight years ago and though raved about by our audience, never received commercial distribution in the United States. This year's Feast Your Eyes series provides reason to give it a reprise. Writer-director Michael Hofmann mixes disparate emotions into a filling meal of a film. Eden is the beguiling story ... more

Sun, April 20 4:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Wed, April 23 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Everything We Loved   Max Currie - New Zealand - 101 mins

How far would you go to rebuild your life after the unthinkable has happened? Writer/director Max Currie confronts this question in his quietly confident debut feature, shot in the lonesome New Zealand countryside. Charlie (Brett Stewart) is a small-time magician struggling to make ends meet far outside of town. Home movies reveal that he had a picturesque ... more

Fri, April 18 6:30 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Sun, April 20 7:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Excuse My French   Amr Salama - Egypt - 99 mins

When the father of young Christian student Hany (Ahmed El Dash) keels over at the dinner table, his mother takes the boy out of private school and enrolls him in a chaotic public institution. To fit in he claims to be Muslim like everyone else, leading to largely humorous situations that underscore the importance of religious tolerance and social integration. ... more

Sun, April 20 5:00 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Fri, April 25 6:30 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Family United   Daniel Sánchez Arévalo - Spain - 101 mins

As the 2010 World Cup soccer final unfolds, Efrain (Patrick Criado) is about to marry Carla (Arancha Marti) in their village outside Madrid. Efrain's father (Hector Colome) has summoned his son's four brothers to attend, and each of them arrives with their own issues and baggage. As the game unfolds—and the guests remained riveted on the soccer match—disasters ... more

Fri, April 18 8:45 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Fri, April 25 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 A Five Star Life   Maria Sole Tognazzi - Italy - 85 mins

Working in the quality assurance business offers no assurance that your own life will be high quality. Irene (Margherita Buy) travels to the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world as a mystery guest, secretly rating the quality of service and then providing the companies with a detailed report. Although that profession may sound glamorous, it's really ... more

Sun, April 20 5:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Fri, April 25 6:30 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 From Tehran to Heaven   Abolfazl Saffary - Iran, Germany - 75 mins

Strange and almost apocalyptic things are happening all around Ghazal (Mahnaz Afshar) in an unnamed Iranian metropolis: mechanical and electronic items are on the blink, fights are breaking out on the street, and people hurry past with a fearful sense of purpose. Newly pregnant, she returns home to find her house ransacked and her biochemist husband Farhad ... more

Sun, April 20 5:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Tue, April 22 8:45 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden   Daniel Geller, Dayna Goldfine - USA, Ecuador, Germany, Norway - 120 mins

The far-flung Galapagos Islands were once called the "Enchanted Isles," and in the 1920s and 1930s the lure to leave civilization behind drew some Europeans, Germans in particular, to make the ultimate get-away-from-it-all journey. Friedrich Ritter and Dore Strauch both left spouses behind to set up housekeeping together on the most remote of these volcanic ... more

Sat, April 19 9:00 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Sun, April 20 7:00 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 Gare Du Nord   Claire Simon - France - 119 mins

An unclassifiable hybrid of imagination and sociology, Gare du Nord is above all a complex portrait of a familiar city space. Mapping the Parisian railway station and its many layers above and below ground, Claire Simon depicts a restless crossroads of stories, encounters, and fantasies. Reda Kateb (Zero Dark Thirty) is Ismaël, a doctoral ... more

Fri, April 18 8:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Fri, April 25 8:30 PM Embassy of France $12.00
 The German Doctor   Lucia Puenzo - Argentina - 94 mins

In 1960, an Argentine family befriends a charming German doctor on their way to the remote town of Bariloche. He quickly takes a keen interest in their daughter Lilith, a girl undersized for her age. The family opens an inn and takes him in as a guest, but the father becomes suspicious when the doctor opens a genetic research lab. He turns out to be one ... more

Mon, April 21 6:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
Fri, April 25 8:30 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Giselle   Toa Fraser - New Zealand - 104 mins

The much loved ballet is given both a respectful traditional staging and a modern interpretation in Toa Fraser's lively film of the Royal New Zealand Ballet production. Gillian Murphy dances the title role of the innocent peasant girl who loves to dance but is forbidden to, with Qi Han as Albrect, the duplicitous duke whose naive actions lead to tragic consequences. ... more

Tue, April 22 8:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 1:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 The Golden Dream   Diego Quemada-Diez - Mexico, Spain - 109 mins

Straight from the Un Certain Regard section of the Cannes International Film Festival and recent winner of the Best International Film Accolade at the Mumbai Film Festival, first-time director Diego Quemada-Diez's The Golden Dream is the latest and most skillful drama following the harrowing and compelling plight of undocumented immigrants in search ... more

Tue, April 22 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Thu, April 24 8:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Gore Vidal: The United States of Amnesia   Nicholas Wrathall - USA - 89 mins

"Style," Gore Vidal once wrote, "is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn." The political commentator, essayist, critic, author, screenwriter, and teller of truths as he saw them passed away nearly two years ago, and now writer/producer/director Nicholas Wrathall, working with Vidal's D.C.-born nephew Burr Steers, has made the ... more

Fri, April 18 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Mon, April 21 8:45 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 The Grand Seduction   Don McKellar - Canada - 115 mins

With charm and chuckles to spare, Don McKellar's (Last Night) droll comedy features a superb performance from Brendan Gleeson as one of the down-on-their-luck Newfoundland villagers determined to trick a big-city doctor (a delightful Taylor Kitsch) into settling in their costal community.

Gleeson's Murray French, a fisherman no longer ... more

Thu, April 17 7:00 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $40.00
 The Great Passage   Yuya Ishii - Japan - 133 mins

At first blush the 15-year process of assembling and writing a dictionary might not seem a compelling dramatic subject, yet this is precisely what Yuya Ishii has accomplished in the sublime, intimate bibliophile epic The Great Passage. The title is the name bestowed on the projected 240,000-word volume, which is undertaken in 1995 by Tomohiro Matsumoto ... more

Fri, April 18 8:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sat, April 26 3:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Half of a Yellow Sun   Biyi Bandele - UK, Nigeria - 106 mins

Starring Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor (Twelve Years a Slave), Hollywood starlet Thandie Newton (Mission Impossible II) and based on the acclaimed novel by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Half of a Yellow Sun chronicles an extended family's perseverance during Nigeria's brutal civil war from 1967 to 1970, Half of a Yellow Sun ... more

Sat, April 19 4:15 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sun, April 20 7:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Harmony Lessons   Emir Baigazin - Germany, France, Kazakhstan - 115 mins

Writer-director Emir Baigazin announces himself as a major new voice with this startling, ecstatically received Darwinist debut feature that has swept the festival circuit with awards at Berlin and Tribeca. Thirteen-year-old Aslan lives with his grandmother in rural Kazakhstan, where young thugs run the local schoolyard like an extortion racket and systematically ... more

Sun, April 20 12:00 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Sat, April 26 1:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 He Who Gets Slapped   Victor Seastrom - USA - 82 mins

Sweden's Victor Sjöström (known as Victor Seastrom in Hollywood) crafted beautifully perceptive portrayals of the human condition years before the cinema had added any soundtracks. In the silent film He Who Gets Slapped, Lon Chaney plays an esteemed scientist who becomes a circus clown when he discovers that his wealthy backer has stolen both his ... more

Sat, April 19 2:00 PM National Gallery of Art FREE
 Helsinki Forever   Peter von Bagh - Finland - 74 mins

An exquisite collage portrait of Finland's capital city as captured by the country's leading feature and documentary filmmakers over a period of one hundred years, Helsinki, Forever is also an essay on Finnish culture in a broader sense, following an emotional logic that questions the ephemeral nature of history itself in a search for the "real" ... more

Sun, April 27 4:00 PM National Gallery of Art FREE
 Hunting Elephants   Reshef Levi - Israel, USA - 107 mins

An unlikely quartet teams up to rob a bank in this raucous comedy, but there's much more going on than a simple heist. Family secrets, sex, love, and other factors drive a pair of retirees, a 12-year-old boy, and an English lord to consider such a rash act. After his father dies at work and the weaselly bank manager stiffs his mother on the pension, young ... more

Sat, April 19 9:00 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Tue, April 22 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Ilo Ilo   Anthony Chen - Singapore - 99 mins

Young Jiale (a convincing Koh Jia Ler) is either a naturally difficult child or going through a troublesome phase—or perhaps both. His mother Hwee (Yann Yann Yeo) is at her wit's end after repeatedly being called to school following Jiale's misadventures. It doesn't help that her company is laying off people and at home husband Teck (Tian Wen Chen) ... more

Sat, April 19 4:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Tue, April 22 6:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 The Keeper of Lost Causes   Mikkel Norgaard - Denmark, Germany, Sweden - 96 mins

"True Detective" fans at loose ends between seasons one and two will rejoice at the Washington premiere of director Mikkel Norgaard's nail-biting adaptation of the international best-selling novel about two damaged cops who latch on to the cold case to end all cold cases. When moody and hot-headed homicide detective Carl Mørck (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) is transferred ... more

Sat, April 19 8:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sat, April 26 9:30 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 King Ordinary    David Dietl - Germany - 97 mins

Thomas Muller is hopelessly average, earning him nothing but yawns from his wife and teenage son. It is a trait, however, that makes him the perfect target for a research company that can turn his middle-of-the-road opinions into big results for corporations and political candidates that want to attract the attention of the everyday man. When Thomas agrees ... more

Fri, April 18 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sun, April 20 7:00 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Ladder to Damascus    Mohamed Malas - Syria, Lebanon, Qatar - 95 mins

In a large old house in the center of a Syrian capital beset by the escalating insurgency of 2010, a dozen students who've moved in from across the country pursue their studies in the face of the unrest. Central to this metaphor-laden drama is the budding love affair between aspiring actress Ghalia (Najla El Wa'za), who feels herself inhabited by the soul ... more

Sun, April 20 3:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 4:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Lakshmi   Nagesh Kukunoor - India - 109 mins

Almost 44,000 children are abducted in India every year, a quarter of whom are never traced. Most probably fall victim to sex trafficking. Inspired by a true story, the film follows 13-year-old Lakshmi, who is abducted along with several other girls. Taken to a brothel, she learns from a roommate how to survive, but Lakshmi is not ready to give in and accept ... more

Thu, April 24 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Fri, April 25 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 The Last of Robin Hood   Richard Glatzer, Wash Westmoreland - USA - 94 mins

Kevin Kline stars as swashbuckling Hollywood star and notorious ladies' man Errol Flynn in this stylish biopic about the actor's final years and romance with underage starlet Beverly Aadland (Dakota Fanning). When Flynn first pursues Aadland, she is hesitant; it is her ambitious mother Florence (Susan Sarandon), her own dreams of stardom shattered, who encourages ... more

Sat, April 19 7:00 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Fri, April 25 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Life's a Breeze   Lance Daly - Ireland, Sweden - 83 mins

Thirteen-year-old Dubliner Emma (Kelly Thornton) isn't too thrilled about being assigned the task of paying daily visits to her grandmother Nan (Fionnula Flanagan), who is fiercely independent and politely described by her offspring as "argumentative." With economic woes battering Ireland and everyday life delivering the occasional sucker punch, tensions ... more

Sat, April 19 7:00 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Tue, April 22 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Lion's Heart   Marcos Carnevale - Argentina, Brazil - 101 mins

Successful Buenos Aires lawyer Ivana (Julieta Diaz) loses her mobile phone one day. The man who finds it, Leon Godoy (Guillermo Francella), is a prominent architect. He seems charming, witty, and quite the gentleman, so they agree to meet. Both divorced, their chemistry is palpable, yet Ivana is startled by Leon's stature—he's four and a half feet ... more

Sat, April 19 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sat, April 26 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Love and Lemons   Teresa Fabik - Sweden - 99 mins

At first, Agnes (Rakel Wärmländer) seems to have everything going for her: a job at an upscale restaurant, a rock-star boyfriend, and good friends and family. When she gets wrongly fired by her cruel boss and dumped by her cheating boyfriend on the same day, it's time for some soul searching. Agnes decides to join a former colleague in starting their own ... more

Wed, April 23 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Thu, April 24 8:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Lovely Louise   Bettina Oberli - Germany, Switzerland, Spain - 91 mins

Middle-aged André (Stefan Kurt) listlessly drives a cab and shares a small apartment with his 80-year-old mother Louise (Annemarie Düringer). His main social outlets are flying radio-controlled airplanes, which he builds at night in the garage, and joining his mother and a few of her elderly women friends for tea and cards. André's occasional attempts to ... more

Sat, April 19 7:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Sun, April 20 3:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Lunafest   various - Australia, USA, The Netherlands, Greece, Norway - 85 mins

Lunafest, an annual international touring film festival of short films by, for, and about women, showcases a diverse range of award-winning films. The 14th Lunafest features a collection that ranges from quirky animation to touching documentaries diverse in both style and subject matter, all united by a common thread of exceptional storytelling. Established ... more

Sat, April 26 5:00 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Sat, April 26 7:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 The Mafia Bookkeeper   Federico Rizzo - Italy - 71 mins

Poor Angelo! When he's laid off from his job one day, he drives to Monte Carlo to gamble his worries away and ends up losing all his money. While the other gamblers laugh at him, Angelo is "rescued" by a mysterious gentleman who won't take no for an answer. Suddenly, Angelo (Lorenzo Flaherty) is whisked all over Italy and to New York, Miami, South America, ... more

Thu, April 24 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 9:00 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 The Mercury Factor   Luca Barbareschi - Italy - 95 mins

Luca Barbareschi directed, co-wrote, and stars in this thriller as Matteo, a suavely cynical operator who "sells everything to everyone everywhere." What he mostly deals in is adulterated food. As with drugs, adding chemicals to food can artificially increase its volume, and thus profit. Matteo's ruthlessness brings him to the attention of Mr. Feng (Kenneth ... more

Fri, April 18 8:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Mon, April 21 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Monk With a Camera   Tina Mascara, Guido Santi - USA, France, India, Italy - 90 mins

Perhaps no one possesses a more beguiling or disarming laugh than the Dalai Lama. To be in his presence and hear his laugh must be truly overwhelming. Such is the case for Nicholas "Nicky" Vreeland, sitting in a nondescript hotel room in Long Beach, California, across from His Holiness (and Richard Gere), as the Dalai Lama laughs and makes a request of Nicky ... more

Sat, April 19 7:00 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Mon, April 21 6:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 Mood Indigo   Michel Gondry - France, Belgium - 95 mins

Fiercely inventive director Michel Gondry returns with his most fantastically inventive film to date. Based on Boris Vian's 1947 novel, the film is set in a retro future—or is it a futuristic past? It's a whimsical world where 1930s Duke Ellington songs share the soundtrack with Boz Scaggs' disco-era hit "Lowdown," where steampunk design meets Rube ... more

Sat, April 19 9:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 5:00 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 My Sweet Pepper Land   Hiner Saleem - Kurdistan, France, Germany - 90 mins

The absurdist humor and genre smarts of Vodka Lemon director Hiner Saleem are once again on display in My Sweet Pepper Land, which is nothing less than a regional western marking the director's return to his native Kurdistan. Once a hero in the independence movement, Baran (Korkmaz Arslan) is a restless sheriff in the capital city of Erbil. ... more

Sat, April 19 9:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Sat, April 26 6:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Of Horses and Men   Benedikt Erlingsson - Iceland, Germany - 81 mins

The off-kilter and humanist sense of humor unique to Iceland and its cinema is on spectacular display in Benedikt Erlingsson's triumphant directorial debut Of Horses and Men. In a remote Icelandic community, the lives of the locals are firmly intertwined with their horses via a symbiosis that is a wonder to behold. The half-dozen vignettes, punctuated ... more

Fri, April 18 8:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Sat, April 19 5:00 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 Once Upon a Time in Shanghai   Ching-Po Wong - Hong Kong - 95 mins

Set in 1930, against the growing conflict that ultimately led to the Sino-Japanese War, Once Upon a Time in Shanghai is an action-packed, jazz-age, noir martial arts tour de force. Featuring highly skilled martial artists Philip Ng and Andy On as well as the legendary Sammo Hung, the fight scenes are almost balletic in their fluid energy. That's ... more

Sun, April 20 7:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Tue, April 22 8:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Paulette   Jérôme Enrico - France - 87 mins

This crowd-pleasing comedy focuses on Paulette (Bernadette Lafont), who used to run a lovely restaurant filled with friends, music, and fabulous food. Now that she's a widow living in a housing project outside of Paris, she's unable to make ends meet on her meager pension. While making her rounds between the church—where she complains instead of confesses—and ... more

Wed, April 23 8:45 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
Fri, April 25 6:30 PM Embassy of France $12.00
 Remote Control   Byamba Sakhya - Mongolia, Germany - 90 mins

Tired of commuting from his small village to the big city of Ulan Bator to sell milk and disgusted with his dysfunctional family life, Tsog (Enkhtaivan Baasandorj) runs away from home to the urban metropolis. From the roof of the apartment complex where he used to sell, he uses a stolen remote to watch the TV of the beautiful but troubled Anu (Nergui Bayarmaa) ... more

Sat, April 19 5:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Wed, April 23 8:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 Return to Homs   Talal Derki - Syria, Germany - 90 mins

"Our previous dreams are behind us now," Syrian director Talal Derki says. "We'd never win if we stay peaceful." These are two of the prominent themes in the remarkable documentary Return to Homs, in which the director and his friends morph from protesters to revolutionaries as their western city of Homs, a growing hotbed of resistance, is methodically ... more

Mon, April 21 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Wed, April 23 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Rock the Casbah   Laila Marrakchi - France, Morocco - 100 mins

Set in a lavish villa in Tangier, Rock the Casbah unfolds over the three days of mourning by Muslim custom, following the death of a major family patriarch, Moulay Hassan. The solemnity of the occasion is disrupted by the unexpected return of the rebellious youngest daughter who left Morocco, against her father's wishes, seeking an acting career ... more

Sat, April 19 9:00 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 7:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Romantic Brasserie   Joël Vanhoebrouck - Belgium - 97 mins

Forty-something Pascaline runs a brasserie and her exquisite dining room is fully booked for Valentine's Day. She thinks she is fully prepared and ready for the heart-shaped holiday, but how could she predict that an old flame from 20 years ago would walk in and ask her to go with him to Rio? Her diners must also cope with the unexpected. There's Rose, a ... more

Sat, April 19 2:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Mon, April 21 6:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
Thu, April 24 8:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 The Rooftops   Merzak Allouache - Algeria, France - 92 mins

The Casbah, Bab el Oued, Belcourt, Notre Dame d'Afrique, and Telemly are five historic neighborhoods of the Algerian capital Algiers. We see five rooftops beautifully open to the city, the bay, the sea, and the horizon and five independent stories that mingle and clash in the span of one day, paced by the five calls to prayer coming from the city's numerous ... more

Thu, April 24 8:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Sat, April 26 5:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Short Cuts 1   various - Ireland, USA, Canada, France, Cuba, Germany, Guadeloupe - 107 mins

Now you see it… wait, what was that? A waking dream? It's all in the mind, except when it isn't. This program features accomplished and delightful animations, well-told stories from a kid trying to dream a future and from a grandmother, sleepwalkers in the city, and other tales. What do these things mean? Maybe if we record what happens, we can understand ... more

Sun, April 20 2:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Sat, April 26 12:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 Short Cuts 2   various - Mozambique, China, France, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Canada, USA - 105 mins

With subtle and innovative blending of genres and forms, these filmmakers reveal some extraordinary stories of ordinary people.... more

Sun, April 20 4:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
Sat, April 26 2:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 Siddharth   Richie Mehta - Canada, India - 96 mins

On the streets of New Delhi, Mahendra (first-time actor Rajesh Tailang) is a "chain-wallah" who repairs zippers but barely makes enough to support his wife Suman (Tannishtha Chatterjee, Brick Lane) and two children. So he sends his 12-year-old son Siddharth (Irfan Khan) 200 miles north to work. A month later, expecting the boy home for Diwali, Mahendra is ... more

Tue, April 22 8:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Thu, April 24 6:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 Something Necessary   Judy Kibinge - Kenya - 85 mins

In the wake of the violence following the 2007 elections in Kenya, Anne (Susan Wanjiru) awakens in a hospital bed to discover her young son in a coma, her husband dead at the hands of marauding thugs, and their farm, The Haven, ransacked and desecrated by the mobs that attacked, beat, and even killed thousands of innocent Kenyans. Determined to rebuild her ... more

Mon, April 21 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Tue, April 22 8:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Still Life   Uberto Pasolini - UK, Italy - 87 mins

Who remembers us when we're gone? And what of the poor souls whose passing isn't noticed by anyone? These big questions underscore writer/producer/director Uberto Pasolini's delicate drama of loss and remembrance, Still Life. John May (the always-reliable Eddie Marsan) lives a solitary life working in the euphemistically named South London local ... more

Fri, April 18 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Wed, April 23 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 Tenderness   Marion Hansel - Belgium, France, Germany - 81 mins

If Alexander Payne lived in Belgium instead of Nebraska, he could just as well have been the authorial voice behind veteran Belgian writer/director Marion Hansel's graceful and charming relationship road trip dramedy Tenderness. While snowboarding in the French Alps with his girlfriend Alison (Margaux Chatelier), 18-year-old Belgian Jack Vander ... more

Sat, April 19 4:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 7:15 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Traffic Department   Wojtek Smarzowski - Poland - 118 mins

In a culture where even the children's soccer teams are on the take, the police officers who patrol the streets of Warsaw are under constant pressure to accept bribes from and look the other way for even the most blatant offenders. Some do and some don't, but they all deal with the stress with lots of drinking, boisterous practical jokes, and not-so-clandestine ... more

Fri, April 18 8:45 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Mon, April 21 8:30 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 The Verdict   Jan Verheyen - Belgium - 111 mins

Director Jan Verheyen begins his film with a quote from Albert Camus: "There is no justice. Only limits." The Verdict is a sober, and sobering, examination of how that philosophy plays out in one man's life. When we meet Luc Segers (Koen De Bouw), he is a man on the way up, with everything to live for. But a chance encounter on the road late at ... more

Fri, April 18 6:30 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
Fri, April 25 8:45 PM Avalon Theatre $12.00
 Viktoria   Maya Vitkova - Bulgaria - 155 mins

A young Bulgarian girl's life is fatefully bisected by the fall of Communism in talented first-time writer-director Maya Vitkova's ambitious, epic, and visually striking Viktoria. Born without a belly button in 1979 to a librarian mother (Irmena Chichikova) who doesn't want her and would rather be anywhere else, Viktoria (Darian Vitkova, the director's ... more

Sat, April 19 1:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Fri, April 25 8:45 PM Goethe-Institut Washington $12.00
 Viva la Liberta   Roberto Andò - Italy - 94 mins

It's always fun to watch politicians tell the unvarnished truth—because that so rarely happens. Italian opposition party leader Enrico Olivieri (Toni Servillo) is far too burdened by sinking poll numbers to dare speak honestly. After a public speech where angry hecklers do more talking than he does, Olivieri leaves a vague note and simply disappears ... more

Mon, April 21 6:30 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Wed, April 23 8:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Waltz for Monica   Per Fly - Sweden - 111 mins

The life of famous Swedish jazz singer and actress Monica Zetterlund is vividly told in this stylish film. The title is a play on Zetterlund's ground-breaking collaboration with legendary jazz pianist Bill Evans, the 1964 album "Waltz for Debbie." Actress Edda Magnason's remarkable likeness to Zetterlund helps ground the film, and Magnason also handles all ... more

Fri, April 25 8:45 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 8:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 We are the Nobles   Gary Alazraki - Mexico - 108 mins

This smash-hit, culture-clash comedy from 35-year-old Mexican director Gaz Alazraki earned more than $26 million at the domestic box office last year—the highest-grossing local film ever. "Wealth shall not pass three generations," goes the old adage, but that's cold comfort to widower and workaholic businessman German Noble (Gonzalo Vega), who realizes ... more

Fri, April 25 8:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
Sat, April 26 8:45 PM AMC Mazza Gallerie $12.00
 Wetlands   David Wnendt - Germany - 109 mins

As cheerfully, proudly, and transgressively gross as anything John Waters produced in his heyday, Wetlands is a fast-paced, impudent, and explicit adaptation of Charlotte Roche's notorious international best-seller. Breakout newcomer Carla Juri gives a courageous, exuberant performance as Helen Memel, a spunky, genial young woman obsessed with body ... more

Thu, April 24 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 9:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
 When Jews Were Funny   Alan Zweig - Canada - 90 mins

Director Alan Zweig often points the camera at himself in his idiosyncratic documentaries. In landmark films such as Vinyl and I, Curmudgeon, he examined questions of obsession, love, and connection. In this breezy film, Zweig wants to know why the Jewish comedians he grew up watching on television, and the older Jewish relatives he remembers ... more

Mon, April 21 8:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
Wed, April 23 6:30 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 White Lies   Dana Rotberg - New Zealand - 95 mins

In the early 20th century, in a small town on New Zealand's north island, reclusive Maori medicine woman Paraiti (Whirimako Black) is prevented by law from practicing her traditional ways but is nevertheless summoned by housekeeper Marea (Rachel House) to abort the unwanted pregnancy of her haughty employer Rebecca (Antonia Prebble). The process takes a ... more

Fri, April 18 6:30 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Thu, April 24 8:45 PM Landmark Bethesda Row Cinema $12.00
 Zone Pro Site: A Moveable Feast   Yu-Hsun Chen - Taiwan - 145 mins

Taiwan's traditional ban-doh, an outdoor market where rival caterers vie for the public's taste buds, is given a magical, musical, and colorful treatment in this stylishly fun film. On the run from her deadbeat boyfriend's creditors and escaping a failed modeling career, perky Wan (Kimi Hsia), the daughter of a ban-doh chef, returns home to find that her ... more

Sat, April 19 6:15 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00
Sat, April 26 3:00 PM Landmark E Street Cinema $12.00

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