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Wednesday, May 1

The Best Sommelier in the World
Nicolás Carreras - Argentina - 80 mins

Many of us picture a sommelier as someone who can take a sip of wine, knowing absolutely nothing about it, and miraculously guess which country it is from, the region, the grapes used to make it, and even the year it was made. This documentary about a competition with 60 countries represented to determine the Best Sommelier in the World, ... more

General Magic
Sarah Kerruish, Matt Maude - UK, USA - 93 mins

Before there was Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk, there was Marc Porat and his merry band of techies dedicating every waking hour to achieving the seemingly impossible. Created as an offshoot of Apple following the meteoric rise of the Macintosh, Porat's General Magic was tasked with changing the world—and the device to do it was a ... more

Las Sandinistas!
Jenny Murray - Nicaragua, USA - 96 mins

Las Sandinistas! tells of the women who led the FSLN revolution in Nicaragua in the 1970–80s. They were students, farmers, poets, lawyers, and mothers. They trained as guerrillas, led battalions, and many died. We get to know the living, active, still-fascinating protagonists of this history. If the FSLN's goal was to eradicate poverty ... more

Simple Wedding
Sara Zandieh - USA - 90 mins

6:00 PM

Produced by and co-starring Rita Wilson (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), this uproarious debut feature from Sara Zandieh presents an authentic and diverse look at finding love in this day and age and all the complications that come with it. After successfully sabotaging another of her parents' arranged marriage setups, the ever-charming and ... more

Jean-Philippe Gaud - France, Morocco - 95 mins

Young Elias is raised in a Moroccan village by his grandmother, Malika, and is surrounded by a beautiful mountainous landscape. By the age of 6, he has already developed a penchant for cookbooks and has memorized the names of the dishes and ingredients contained within. Later in life, at a job in one of the village's restaurants, Elias ... more

Nicolas Monette - Canada - 90 mins

6:00 PM

We are familiar with the French sex farce, but here comes a worthy French Canadian sex farce. Set in Montreal, Threesome introduces us to Estelle (Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin), an overworked, unsatisfied mother and wife about to turn 35. Beset by home renovations taking forever and demoralizing developments at work, Estelle turns to her ... more

More Than Blue
Gavin Lin - Taiwan - 107 mins

It seemed like fate when isolated student Zhang Zhe-kai met a rebellious girl named Song Yuan-yuan. These two lonely high school classmates become inseparably close when they both lose their families. Song names Zhang "K" and decides to call herself "Cream." The two students live together, go to college together, and eventually get jobs ... more

The Purity of Vengeance
Christoffer Boe - Denmark - 118 mins

While rehabbing an apartment building, some Copenhagen construction workers uncover a hidden room containing the mummified remains of three people sitting around a dinner table with an empty fourth chair. The discovery marks another mystery to be solved by Department Q, the surprisingly effective cold-case unit run by stubborn, traumatized ... more

The Good Girls
Alejandra Márquez Abella - Mexico - 93 mins

8:30 PM

With her perfectly coiffed hair, generously attentive husband, and beautifully appointed home in Mexico City's tony Polanco district, stunning Sofía lives a life that defines early 1980s luxury: one of spur-of-the-moment shopping trips to New York City and country club lunches peppered with effusive compliments and empty praise. Her biggest ... more

Emilio Belmonte - Spain - 87 mins

In recent years, young Spanish dancer and choreographer Rocio Molina has become a sensation in flamenco and modern dance, known for her unconventional improvisations—"impulsos"—in routines. She goes to great lengths to push the boundaries of her creativity, selecting unusual venues such as prisons and museums to add more challenge ... more

One Last Deal
Klaus Härö - Finland - 95 mins

8:30 PM

Olavi (Heikki Nousiainen) has spent his life in the rarefied world of art dealers, auction houses, and fine-art galleries. The many small paintings, prints, and objets d'art that clutter his cramped gallery tell the story of a man who is more interested in quiet intellectual pursuits than messy human interactions. It is the latter situation ... more

Rohena Gera - India - 99 mins

When her wealthy employer's wedding is abruptly called off, Ratna, a maid with ambitions to break free of domestic work and become a high-end tailor, returns to her boss's high-rise Mumbai apartment. As she dutifully tends to Ashwin (whom she may only call "Sir"), the two gradually discover an unexpected spark between them. However, in ... more